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The Amatures

series overview

a house full of empty-headed underdogs struggle to make their mark on an empty-headed society.

The Amatures​ is an outlandish, irreverent comedy series full of outrageous characters and mile-a-minute jokes. In this alternative universe of Atlanta, Georgia, literally ​anything​ ​can happen:

Sleep walking gives you the power to win fighting tournaments. The homeless enjoy lives of debauchery not seen since the Roman Empire. Discount assassins will kill anyone for $40. A hotel’s signature cocktail turns its patrons into iconic Jack Nicholson characters. Poop on your forehead brings spiritual clarity....

The world of ​The Amatures​ is filled to the brim with colorful characters and storylines that know no boundaries. Nothing is sacred. No one is safe. Any topic can be milked for comedic potential.

At the center of the chaos, we follow a ragtag group of friends who are desperately trying to navigate their way into a society that’s just as clueless as they are. Through their deluded adventures to attain fortune, ignorant bliss, and all the stuff television says we need, they are inevitably reminded of the value of true friendship. Or, you know, whatever.

the characters



Cocky, boisterous and obsessed with success, Kyle typically serves as the group’s cheerleader, nudging our heroes out the door for continuously misguided adventures. This tattooed tough guy is a big dude with even bigger feelings. His explosive emotions can be delicately channeled into his artwork... or through Hulk-like fits of rage. Mostly it’s the latter.


The Rafael to Kyle’s Leonardo. Jayson is always there to lend a healthy dose of sarcasm and smug assurance to the group dynamic. His ill-conceived plans often land him in trouble with some intensely unsavory characters—but with the help of his spirit guides and dopey charm, Jayson ​usually​ finds a way out of danger.



A bona fide opportunist, Mia relies on her wits, glamour and cutthroat attitude to pull ahead or weasel her way out of any conflict. She won’t take anyone’s shit—but she’ll deal plenty of it in return. What is the origin of this hardened spirit? What in her past is she running away from? Where is she running to? For Mia, all that matters is the current moment—and, for now at least, she’s happy to call the boys family.


With the base innocence of a child, Jon perpetually seeks only life’s pleasures: wild parties, sugar rushes, and outlandish ideas for vast wealth. Although he means well, Jon’s juvenile curiosity and taste for thrills are an open invitation for bizarre conflict and sheer mayhem, which frequently leaves the rest of the group to untangle his mess.

Tim Rubbins

tim rubbins

a trust fund con artist entrepreneur, who cheats his rabid fan base into buying hollow business ideas that will get them nowhere.

mystical woman

a metaphysical parking lot guru who appears when needed to impart unconventional spiritual wisdom.

Mystical Woman
Diesel Daddy

diesel daddy

a thin-skinned, washed up Macho Man Randy Savage, who scours the internet for fights to prove he’s still the world champion of Atlanta.

ace the hitman

for 40 bucks and a shot of gin, he’ll ​try​ to kill anyone you want.

Ace the Hitman
Tony Peebs

tony peebs

an after effect of achieving unparalleled fame, this childhood music star becomes a literal monster that terrorizes Atlanta.


a gender-fluid mafioso talent agent who uses brutal tactics to climb the ranks of the entertainment industry.

Jerry & Chet

jerry & chet

the nerdly pushover father and his drug-dealing manbaby son, who’s got the 411 on everything about everyone.

agents dixon & zaqueer

the Internet Police, who uphold the integrity and laws of the world wide web by bringing its offenders to bloody justice.

Dixon and Zaqueer
King Bum

king bum

the Caligula of homeless society, who rules an exclusive underground kingdom of debauchery and excess... and garbage.

scary dog

a possessed toy dog, who uses our heroes’ deepest fears for self gain and mild mayhem... until he’s tossed away for the next victim to find.

bathtub lawyer

the world’s worst attorney, who operates out of his dirty bathtub.

evil pizza ceo

a smug, bloated, corporate hothead who seeks Biblical reckoning through his fast food pizza empire.

homesick alien boy

he's a dumb E.T. 'Nuff said.

the pilot

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the team

Mutey Times - Kyle Beasinger, Jayson Morgan, Jon Silva

created by

Mutey Times Productions, LLC

Kyle Beasinger, Jayson Morgan, Jon Silva

The Amatures is the brainchild of three lads who dropped out of doggy dental school and decided to do comedy instead.

Together, they've starred in viral videos that have racked up millions of views - and have been featured on MTV News, Nerdist, and the Farmer's Only Almanac. Collectively, their work has been honored by SXSW, the Atlanta Film Festival, Shore Scripts, and Aunt Sally's neighbor.

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